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bristol hotel
I consider it the best choice in Thessaloniki. It is a small cozy hotel with great services and human character. Breakfast was excellent, prepared for me, sleep was amazing. The hotel is in a fine location to do business and at night to go out and have a drink. Thank you for your hospitality.
Events, Meetings & Private Dining
Bristol Hotel Thessaloniki Meeting Room

The business meeting facility in Bristol Hotel Thessaloniki can host up to 12 persons and competently fulfills all the professional needs of modern businesspeople who visit our hotel. The handmade oval room table represents a real piece of art. Decorated with great detail and elegance, the tables golden surface is aesthetically combined with delicate inlaid work, consisting of colors particularly selected to soothe the eye. Handmade armchairs accompany the table and add an exquisite artistic value to the room. 
A 19th century chandelier impressively illuminates the venue, combining an art relic with modern technology devices that enable professional efficiency, since the room is equipped with TV set, VCR, specialized cell charging plugs and an additional spot to conduct the secretarial workload.
We also offer a projector or a LCD TV at no extra cost. Wireless internet access is available and free of charge. In addition to the usual restaurant menus, we can also offer light lunches or local traditional biscuits, cakes etc.

There is a variety of options available for private dining, group bookings, wedding receptions and events. You can either take over the whole restaurant, a section of it or use our private dining room.
Our menus will be tailored to your tastes and requirements from one course to sixteen, or you could leave it to our chef to surprise you and your guests with his tasting menu.
Call us at 2310-506500 for details of the event you have in mind, and we’d be delighted to talk to you about hosting your event.

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