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El Correo Cocina Argentina
El Correo Cocina Argentina

In the heart of the Ladadika district, at the corner of Oplopoiou street and Katouni, rests one of Thessaloniki’s most historic buildings. In the 19th century, it was home to the city’s bustling post office.
Today, this historic building is no longer a post office in the traditional sense. It has borrowed the name, but in a different language. And you’re no longer greeted by the pounding of the postman’s stamp. Instead, you’re lured in by the nostalgic melody of an Argentine tango…
El Correo’s executive chef has created an exceptional menu replete with distinctive regional dishes and wine. The quick tempo of an Argentine tango serenades guests as they dine in a warm, discreet environment, painted in natural light. El Correo’s personable staff is prepared and willing to guide you through your culinary experience. We invite you to try the imaginative salads, delectable appetizers and rich, traditional dishes.

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